By being pioneers in continuing medical education through the Internet, we have a global view of what planning, putting into practice and management of activities of continuing training on the Internet (courses, congresses, symposia, etc.) means, which we put at the service of your organization's needs.
In its business aspects:
• Initial diagnosis and definitions of the project: target audience, contents and means or technology to be employed.
• Business Plan in which the interests of all the participants of the project are taken into consideration, which is necessary to provide excellent contents.
In its content aspects
• Design of projects of distance education and continuing communication, proper for institutional management.
• Creation of interdisciplinary work teams.
• Search and management of specialized human resources (tutors, teachers, etc.).
• Organization of educational and continuing communication projects for corporations, professionals, small and medium-sized businesses, scientific societies, satisfying specific needs.
In its technical aspects
• A remarkable array of tools continually growing, which ensure the objectives set will be fulfilled.
• Radio broadcasting through the Internet
• Video transmissions through the Internet (webcasts)
• Creation of Web sites especially thought to make access to contents easier.
• Discussion forums, favorable for debating and communication between the members of a group, with the possibility of moderation.
• Multilingual forums: messages translated in real time before being distributed to the forum.
• Public or private chat rooms, to chat in real time regardless of distance.
• Mailing lists, to facilitate group communication: one message is sent, and automatically distributed among all the members of a group.
• On-line evaluation system, with automatic correction: it allows to register the results of each student and make automated feedback (the system indicates the correct answers to the ones that were mistakenly replied).
• On-line surveys: to obtain the opinion of the members of the group, easily and reliably.
• Periodical submittance of bibliography updates through e-mail.
• Multilingual secretary services, pre and post-event.