The professional team of the Akros Group is made up by Physicians, Designers, Computer Engineers and Specialists in distance education, who have been working in several important projects since 1998. This group, rich in knowledge, skills and talents, along with the experience acquired, offers a unique possibility to achieve success in multidisciplinary projects.

Personal data about the group directors' are shown below. They lead the team of first-class professionals that constitute the Akros Group.
Dr. Edgardo Schapachnik
Scientific Director
His specialty is Cardiology. He is a physician with a deep social and health care sensitivity. He has a deep knowledge on computer topics. His job in the group has enormous significance.
The most important component of projects is scientific contents.
He is in charge of overseeing all the material and is the person that coordinates the experts that participate in the events.
He is the Head of the Chagas Disease Section of the Cardiology Division of the General Hospital for Acute Diseases "Dr. Cosme Argerich."
Throughout his extensive and long medical career, Dr. Schapachnik has held the following positions: Head of Cardiologic External Medical Offices of the Cardiology Division of the General Hospital for Acute Diseases "Dr. Cosme Argerich;" Technical Secretary, Scientific Secretary and Director of the Argentine Council of Chagas Disease of the Argentine Society of Cardiology, Vice-president of the Steering Committee of the First Virtual Congress of Cardiology and Honorary President of the Second and Third Virtual Congress of Cardiology.
Ing. Omar Staiano
Busisness Director
This Electronic Engineer is a genuine entrepreneur with a wide experience in the Technical, Business and Marketing Areas. He has fulfilled a Postgraduate Course in Cryptography and Security in Teleinformatics.
His professional career began in year 1979, when he was hired by IBM, where he developed a career along many years. He has worked in many areas related to Information Technology. He is characterized by his capacity for flexibility and adjustment to business contexts constantly shifting. His ethics and integrity are flawless.
 What does Akros mean?
The prehistoric site of Akrotiri played an important role in Aegean affairs during the third and second millennium B.C.
Akrotiri was one of the most important cosmopolitan seaports of the Mediterranean Sea during the first half of the second millennium, which was covered under a thick layer of ashes when the volcano that sat in it, exploded in approximately year 1,600 B.C.
The remains of the Akrotiri people today make up the most important archaeological site of the Greek island of Santorini. This island is the southernmost one among the large Cyclades islands.
The first excavations in Santorini were carried out after the 1867 eruption, witnessed by the geologist Fernando Fouqué, who ordered to probe the areas of Therasia and the Akrotiri ravine. After discovering building remains and clay objects, Fouqué published in 1869 in the "Two Worlds Journal," a fundamental article that showed that at the moment of the great cataclysm of 1530 B.C., Santorini was already the site of an advanced civilization. Some have dared to suggest that it might have been Atlantis itself.
Atlantis is one of the most ancient world myths, which tells about a place that was the cradle of a very advanced civilization.
The term akros means "on the top."
From all that has been explained above, and in honor of the memory of a civilization that existed and developed beyond what could be expected in its time, we have drawn our name: Akros Group.
Omar C. Staiano, who had the pleasure of walking along the excavations of the ancient city of Akrotiri.