ISHNE AF World-Wide
Internet Symposium
International Symposium on Arrhythmogenic
RightVentricular Dysplasia

First International Symposium
on Long QT Syndrome on the Internet

First Advanced Virtual Course on Normal and
Pathologic Electrocardiogram and Vectorcardiogram "Dr. Prof. M. B. Rosenbaum" (description in Spanish)

First International Symposium of
Cardiology "Dr. Cosme Argerich" through the Internet (description in Spanish)

International Society for Holter and
Noninvasive Electrocardiology (ISHNE)

First Virtual Symposium
about the Brugada Syndrome

Course of Epiinfo
through the Internet (description in Spanish)

Newsletter of LPM News (description in Spanish)

Latidos por Minuto - LPM
(Beats per Minute - BPM) Radio (description in Spanish)

First Virtual Symposium on Pain, Palliative
Medicine and Advancements on Pain Pharmacology (description in Spanish)

Course of Clinical Research Training (description in Spanish)


University Course on Pain (description in Spanish)


Course on Arrhythmias (description in Spanish)