Our challenge is a new scenario for education: virtual environments for continuing education.

Nowadays, the modality of continuing education through the Internet attains an increasing and significant preeminence in the most varied fields: from basic education to professional and business training. It enriches the institutional offer, it favors training for new professionals and it reduces costs, eliminating time and space constraints.

Our proposal springs from the experience we have gathered in the field of Continuing and Distance Medical Education, where the medical professional is at the center of the teaching-learning process through an original work methodology, focused on interactivity and the excellence contents supported by university or scientific entities. From it, we offer advice to all kinds of organizations, which will take the challenge of these times and are interested in following these new educational scenarios.

Our company is devoted to providing criteria and instruments for autonomous management and development of training projects through electronic means within a framework of excellence.

 Our specialty

• The modality of distance medical education through the Internet and electronic means.

• Estimation (taking into account human, technological and material resources), planning, development, implementation and evaluation of training projects delivered through electronic means and the Internet.

• To implement strategies for guidance and teaching through the New Information and Communication Technologies

• "Virtual" environments for learning

 Field of application

Distance education
• Completely distance-delivered courses, in e-learning or semi-presential modalities.
• International Symposia and/or Congresses with simultaneous translation.
• Professorships on the Web: tools so that teachers could supplement and enrich their presential activity.

"Virtual" events
• Organization of workshops, seminars and meetings that could be open to the community.

Work teams
• Creation of a space for work for the members of a group with restricted access, with the possibility of accessing it from anywhere, making distance teamwork easier.

New products' launching
• Internal and external communication, staff training in everything related to the new product, strategies, etc.

Institutional intranet/extranet
• Effective means to facilitate communication flow to all the members of an organization.