Nowadays, the modality of continuous education through the Internet acquires a growing and a significant preeminence in the most varied fields: from basic education to professional and business training. It enriches the institutional offer, it favors training of new professionals and it reduces costs, eliminates space and time constraints.

Our proposal is to offer advising to all kinds of organizations, willing to accept the challenge of these times, and interested in journing these new educational scenarios.

Our company is devoted to providing criteria and instruments for autonomous management and development of training projects, through electronic means within a framework of excellence.

 LPM Radio
Radio exclusively devoted to Continuing Medical Education that broadcasts through the Internet for 23 hours a day, with a varied range of shows about relevant subjects of today's medicine.
First International Symposium on Long QT Syndrome on the Internet
ISHNE AF World-Wide Internet Symposium
October 1-31, 2005
International Symposium on Arrhythmogenic Right
Ventricular Dysplasia

April 1-15, 2005